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Study abroad (SA) has information and assistance guideline with suggestions to help you with admission, student visa and skilled migration (PR) visa application for New Zealand. Because of not having a direct embassy in Bangladesh, applicants gets confused with the entire application process. That is when Study Abroad is a very good choice for visa opportunity seekers in New Zealand. International students feel much comfortable environment while living in there and can feel the environment to live like a local.

New Zealanders are very friendly, happy to help others and even share knowledge. That makes the environment very livable and friendly. Students travel from overseas to study in New Zealand and feeling lonely is very normal. Taking that in consideration maximum universities in New Zealand have social gathering space called cuisine and club. In there it is much easier to make conversations and make new friends as well.

New Zealanders believe that the world is changing. That makes them to emphasis on the importance of new ways of thinking and learning. New Zealanders feel free call themselves Kiwi and it is not a slang. They feel proud when calling them by that name. Kiwi Education structure always try to solve the challenges of future, while never forgetting about the importance of local and international students.

Costs of tuition fees and living in New Zealand

New Zealand education system has study options to suit the budget. The cost of living is similar to Australia or European countries. Flat or house rent with other facilities are much cheaper than the OECD countries. The living cost is combined with an excellent work or life balance and a high quality life is assured by the government of New Zealand.

Program Average fee in ( USA $)
Certificate Course NZ 8,000 - 13,000 / YEAR
Diploma Course NZ 11,000 -14,000 / YEAR
Bachelor Degree NZ 14,000- 22,000 / YEAR
Post Graduate NZ 18,000- 30,000 / YEAR
PHD NZ 6,500 – 12,000 / YEAR

Other than the above mentioned courses, English courses are available in ESL centers under college and university. This course can be taken only as upgrading the English standard. International students are not allowed to take ESL course as a primary course.

Popular courses that students intend to do in New Zealand
Information Technology (IT) Agriculture Environmental Science
Sports Management Nursing Business Management
Engineering Applied Science Medicine

Admission & Visa Assistance

Admission in New Zealand for international students is not difficult like in European countries. The NZ college and university offers express admission support to all the interested students. S A (study abroad) has a good affiliation chain with a good number of college and university in New Zealand. Having direct collaboration with these institutes Study Abroad can assure a very quick admission support in NZ.

Not having an embassy for New Zealand in Bangladesh is not a problem anymore. Study abroad offers a complete support for university application for admission, documents verification, sponsorship assessment and visa application submission with appointment.

Besides, we assist you to verify documents by BNZEF and make the assessment ready to lodge with your visa application without hassle. We also provide attestation, verification, notary and any related work with NZ visa procedure.

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