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Germany has different categorized universities that offer excellent standard of academic programs. Among so many to courses to choose from, it is not really easy to navigate the right way through the university landscape. That is when “Study Abroad” stands by your side to guide you with the right application guideline.

Each year, thousands of students from Bangladesh decides to begin their educational journey with German Universities. That has very good reasons, which include among other international programs taught in English medium, excellent quality of education, low tuition fees or even sometime free tuition costs, Career opportunity after completion and above all social security.

In maximum cases students from Bangladesh need to go through a bridging course called studyenkolleg which necessitates fluency in German of B1 level. The number college courses offered in English is low but so is the bachelor courses taught in English. In some cases universities do ask for very good level of German language skill if student seek to study in German language. In those cases knowledge of German needs to be certified through examinaniations like TestDaF.

Besides, English medium taught courses are available for international student too. Every year Maximum number of Bangladeshi students seeking for post graduate degree choose Germany for better lifestyle with less or no tuition fees and after course settlement opportunity in Germany or other countries in Europe.

Scholarships for Study in Germany

A huge variety of options are available for students from Bangladesh who are keen on studying but have financial problems in financial affordability. Maximum universities offer financial aid packages even to the international students around the world. Apart from student loan students can also apply for one of the mentioned scholarship schemes sponsored by government and non-government agencies. Study abroad offer scholarship application assistance and help you to arrange your documents with perfection.

How can we help you with?

We have an experienced team on German education and have depth knowledge about the university admission system. They are well equipped and follow a very clean way to make you get a confirmed seat in a university in Germany. Experts can advise you on the best course in Germany based on your interest and academic background. They will save your precious time in researching about different universities in Germany. Our admission team have affiliations with international chain agencies for any possible betterment that may requires for your admission. Besides years of experience with expertise made them confident to provide you perfect information and do complete your admission perfectly. Besides, the admission the specialist visa assistance team will assist you further with the entire visa application process.

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