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Why Canada as a Study Destination

With affordable tuition fees, quality ranked college/university, post study work opportunity, immigration options are leading Canada quickly towards the leading destination for international students. In recent years Canada has experienced a huge increase in demand from overseas students and Canada hosts a very good number of international students every year.

Education Standard and Quality:

The education standard and living environments in Canada are among the highest in the world. Canada’s high academic quality and strong quality control mean that you will achieve a high quality education. That achievement will lead you to the global professional field and obviously will benefit student’s career in future.

Cost Affordability:

Living and tuition fees for international students in Canada are lower than in USA and UK. The cost of going to school college or university in Canada is affordable and student gets a global recognized certificate to the path of success. Canadian Immigration law allows the students to work part time during the study and even allows full time in holidays. But with our previous experience we assist the student to have the fund in hand for maximum period of time he/she can arrange. Because it is very difficult to study, arrange the tuition fees and at the same time keeping the academic progress. Students can easily make their pocket money or living expenses out of their part time job.


A student enjoys a peaceful multicultural environment with friendly people in the community. Canadians are very interested in learning about new cultures. With almost all of the ethnic groups in the globe represent in Canada, It is not hard to find those ethnic needs like recreation activities associated with those specific cultures

Immigration Possibility:

International graduates from Canadian higher education intuitions can work in Canada for up to three years after their course completion. By following the completion of the course students can avail the PWPP program which is known as Post graduation Work permit. For further application to permanent residency program this PWPP is a plus for graduates.

Research Opportunities:

Research is one of the key components of Canadian education system. Students in Canada have ample opportunity to be a part of research opportunity to become this vibrant aspect of education. In Canada, both the government, non-government private and industries support research including in Engineering, medicine, agriculture, cyber science, information technology, environmental science, sustainable built environment technology and telecommunication.

World-class Language Education:

Canada is considered a world leader in language training. Canadian universities teach both English and French as a first and second language. That made Canadian teaching method unique than any other country. It is very common a student gets to improve their fluency and capacity for their language as further they study and become more desirable to employers.

Campus Lifestyle:

Canada’s post-secondary campuses offer enormous possibilibilies and facilities for learning and leisure. Most of College and universities have their own or arranged accommodation service including homestay, student village services for both local and international students. Universities in remote areas provide more facility for student’s recreation like social gathering space and information, social clubs and outer activities.

Top Courses to Study in Canada

Business Engineering Health Science
Computing & IT Hospitality and Tourism Courses Agriculture and Related Applied Science

Costs of Living and Tuition Fees

Study Program Average fee in (CA$)
Academic Foundation Program 14,000 to 20,000
Diploma 10,000 to 16,000
Bachelor 18,000 to 35,000
Masters 18,000 to 45,000

Study Abroad Special Service Canada Student Visa

Study abroad provides admission services in a list of universities around Canada. Making the application process easier for applicants towards admission and visa application is the main task that we offer. Among a lot of agencies exiting in support service that makes Study Abroad unique and different from others. Study abroad Bangladesh maintains a recruiting chain with more than 300 educational institutes within 20 countries across the world and among them more than 50 universities we have direct partnership collaboration. Study Abroad is has registered and certified admission support counselors and most experienced visa assistance team to help you out with the entire process of your visa application of any type.

Having a very experienced and well equipped team for visa assistance study abroad provides the best visa assistance service at the cheapest price in Bangladesh. We offer the quickest admission in our partner and collaborated college and universities, free assessment, visa checklist, student file support service via bank booths settled in our office. Besides, we help the students to continue with online offshore courses with different Canadian college and universities. We have affiliation with British council where they conduct IELTS exams three (3) times a month. Having a highly qualified IELTS team of teachers and course coordinators made us a supreme IELTS coaching center too.

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