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Why Study in Malaysia?

Malaysia offers international students a fantastic academic, multicultural and multi ethnic environment. That environment would male their study and living there worth their money, time and effort. Various reasons made Malaysia unique in a lot of means.

Low Living Cost and Affordable Tuition Fees

The cost of living for international students to study in Malaysia could be very cheap. It is possible to stay within minimum of RM 11,000 which is only 2, 30,000 Taka in Bangladesh. The living cost is considered as cheaper than Dhaka. In a word, compared to other metropolitan cities, the city of Kuala lumpur offers a high-quality lifestyle at a low cost. The cheaper tuition fees is another reason for choosing Malaysia as a study destination. Many universities of Australia, UK, USA has opened a branch campus in Malaysia. Those campuses offer great opportunities to transfer the final year in the prospective countries. That helps the students to get the same certification at a much cheaper cost. Malaysian College and universities are also offering special discounted rates for tuition fee for Bangladeshi students.

Medium of Instruction

English is the second language in Malaysia but it is widely used in everywhere. English is the second primary medium of instruction for all courses and programs at the college and universities. Because Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country that possess an elaborate experience in using effective methodologies to teach English to non-native speakers of English. That makes Malaysia a standard place for overseas students from non-English speaking countries to learn English. Studying in Malaysian college and universities does not only help students to get the education but also make their career strong enough with a very strong English base.

Pioneer in Global Education & International Affiliations

Malaysia is acknowledged as one of the leader in development and promotion intercontinental bachelor degree programmers. Back in early 1980s, collaborating with renowned college and universities from the countries like UK, USA, GERMANY, AUSTRALIA, NZ, FRANCE etc. unique bachelor degree programs “2+1” (two years in Malaysia, one year in overseas host country) and even “3+0” degree (entire foreign degree program taught in MALAYSIA) offer overseas students lavish study options for selection to meet their finical budget and have cross border experience.

Branch Campuses of Foreign Universities in Malaysia

Since 1998, five international renowned universities like Monash University from Australia, The University of Nottinghumfrom The UK, made a complete campus set up in Malaysia offering exactly the same degree as the main campus in overseas offering. By enrolling in those universities students can achieve a global certificate, such as a British or Australian degree from Malaysia at a cheaper cost.

Malaysian University Qualification

Malaysian private universities have ventured overseas by setting up branches in different Asian countries, UK, and in Australia. They are offering Malaysian brand territory qualifications. Besides, Malaysia puts special effort in producing quality education are rewarded with more and more overseas countries showing greater interest and trust towards the Malaysian brand of tertiary qualifications.

Easy & Simple Visa System

The immigration system of Malaysia offer a hassle free immigration procedure for international students. Comparing to other countries, it is easy to obtain a student pass to the pursuit of higher education in There. It is also possible for international students to bring their spouse or family to stay with them while they study.

Study Abroad Offer to Obtain a Study Permit

STUDY ABROAD maintains a very large list of universities and have direct collaboration to maximum number of Malaysian universities. We recruit the maximum number of international students from Bangladesh to Malaysia. We just do not provide direct admission to college universities but also arrange partial or full scholarship for the prospective students.

Express Visa Service

Having a very good contact with EMGS (education Malaysia global services) Study Abroad assure any Malaysian student visa at the quickest time. We also provide full package support for Malaysian universities at cheaper price. Please feel free to consult with our Malaysian expert team at our office in Gulshan, Dhaka.

Consultations for prospective immigrants

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